Saving plan for big investment

What will you do when you plan to buy something big in few years and where to keep those money?

If you have a significant amount of savings you plan to use as a BIG PURCHASE  in a few years like buying house, car or boat. You may consider this methods

Embrace Your Low-Risk Options

When it comes to short term savings, you’re going to want to stash them somewhere that’s low risk and easily accessible.

That said, Michael Ciccone, a New Jersey-based Certified Financial Planner, says the first question to ask yourself is “if, in the hopes of better returns, [you] are willing to take any chance of ending up with less money than [you] started with.”

If you’re not, then you’re going to want to stick to those low-risk, guaranteed returns options.

Money market accounts 

This account, which are different from money market funds, can be accessed daily, are fairly safe investment and you can find one that’s your money is insecure.

If you have a more specific time frame in mind (like you know you’ll want the money in five years), high quality bonds are also an option. You can select a bond that matures in the amount of time you have to invest. By using government or municipal bonds can be even more beneficial as they can provide tax-free interest as you save for your big purchase. Bur remember this bonds come with big initial fund for open for every broker. You have to prepare on that part too.

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